Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Great Drapes!

Trends come and go, but when it comes to your home, the way you decorate reflects your personal style and since you have to live there, it needs to be decorated in a way that makes YOU and your family happy. There are several easy additions you can make to a room that can change the entire look altogether. Here are a few trends in drapes that will have your room looking updated and fresh with a simple window treatment.

I know it sounds 80's, but lace is back in when purchasing tops, dresses and even curtains! Not your grandmothers lace, but intricate and even sheer lace drapes that allow light to softly enter a room. Designs that vary from stripes to polka dots as well as paisleys. This is a super shabby chic look for those who want to keep their space soft and subtle.

A variety of materials and fabrics that overlap to give your window depth and contrast. Silks, sheer curtains and even heavier cottons. Colors and monochrome shades are in style this year as well. Mixing patterns and shapes are a great new look also!

Incorporating different lengths of drapes has become a beautiful trend that used to be faux pas. A sheer under layer with a longer outer drape is an eye catching look for window treatments right now. No matter what you decide, go with your gut and the look that you love!

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