Monday, November 19, 2012

Plastic Surgery Positives

Years ago, I would have never thought that I would be a proponent of plastic surgery. Being in the fashion industry, I have seen good "jobs" and procedures gone wrong. Seeing people's life change overnight, sometimes not for the better, can be disheartening. On the same page, I have also witnessed firsthand, plastic surgery work to change the lives of those who almost lost theirs.

My husband was involved in an almost fatal car wreck a couple of years ago and actually had half of his face ripped off. It was a horrific accident that required hours of plastic surgery - putting my husband's face back together. Today, even though he still has a scar or two, if that plastic surgeon wouldn't have been there that night, my husband wouldn't look like himself today.

Another good friend who decided to get breast implants in Manhattan, a place known for top doctors, and came out a different person. After nursing her children for years, she just didn't look the same and it really affected her self-esteem. After a breast augmentation, she was like her old self, but better!

Out of all of the horror stories you hear, there really are positives to plastic surgery. Always look for reputable doctors and don't be afraid to ask the questions that you want answered honestly.


  1. What is the youngest age you think is okay to get plastic surgery?I am 20, and yes, i want plastic surgery. I guess not reeeal plastic surgery, but liposuction. I wanna be skinny, and yess (again) like the girls in the magazines or like some (note the word some) of female celebrities. Thoughts?

  2. Plastic surgery can help many people, before it was not possible.