Wednesday, November 14, 2012

3 Hot Color Trends for Your Wedding Tux

The traditional wedding tux is a plain black and white. For a lot of men, this plain color combo just seems so boring. Some men want more options to express their own personality. While accessories like the vest and boutonniere give you some options for adding a bit of flair to your tux, choosing a wedding tux in a different color allows you to make a much bolder statement about your personal style.
Here are some of the hottest color trends right now for wedding tuxes:

From a light Heather grey to a dark, steel grey, when you choose a grey tux, you are creating a sophisticated and stylish look. This is a popular alternative that can suit any style of wedding, whether formal or casual. Bonus: It will still look good with most accent colors in the accessories or with bridesmaids dresses.

Brown wedding tuxes are very popular right now, and they create a very distinctive look. Brown wedding tuxes inspire a retro look that is perfect for the fashionable groom with an alternative sense of style.

A white wedding tux creates a bold look. White wedding tuxes are very formal, so they should not be chosen for casual weddings or settings. Very similar to the traditional black jacket tux, white tuxes are classic and formal. However, the contract they provide will allow you to create a distinctive look to stand out on your wedding day.
Choosing a different color for your wedding tux gives you the chance to stand out and to really make a personal statement. These colors are hot right now, but you should feel free to choose a color that best reflects your own personal style.

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