Friday, May 25, 2012

Buying Antiques

If you have the collector's bug, buying antiques is not just a leisure activity, but a need. And if you are just a casual buyer sometimes engaging in what is called in some quaint little towns "antiquing," you might want to pay attention to these rules as well because they can save you some serious troubles.

First of all, do not buy antiques online. You have to be able to hold, feel and touch, even smell the item you are considering buying because fake antiques are as common as household pests. Ascertaining that an item is indeed over a hundred years old, which is what determines antique status, does of course not mean the asking price is justified, but it is nevertheless much needed reassurance that you are at least in the right ball park.

Antique Furniture

Furthermore, you want to know who you are dealing with. Does the antique dealer come across as a knowledgeable and helpful individual with an obvious respect for the antiques he has in his store, or do you sense something not quite right about him? In either case, to be on the safe side, you should always ask to see if they are part of a trade association.

Never just agree to the price asked, nor hold back your questions. You want the seller to be absolutely positive about the origin, age, and value of the item you are considering buying, and if the seller proclaims he is uncertain about any of those things, let it go and move on. And once you do agree to a price, see if you can get it further reduced by paying cash.

Always ask if the item has been damaged at some point, and restored. Depending on the damage and how much was restored, you might want to pass on this purchase. And, by the way, the seller is not obligated to tell you about previous damage and restoration. If you don't ask the question, you might never know until you try to resell it and have it professionally appraised.

The bottom line is, ask all the questions you want, and then some. If you just assume something is an antique but you never asked, you will not have any recourse before the law.

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What is the Easiest Way to Put A Car Cover On?

Your car is a prized possession that deserves to be well maintained, and many people do take care of their vehicle. But when it comes to protecting their cars against the natural elements; some owners assume that their vehicle was made to with stand the heat and cold.

The weather will eventually beat down the best of cars and what you are left with is a lackluster, discolored paint job. If you live in the city, you probably do not have a choice but to park on the streets. However, you do have a choice in purchasing a car cover for your vehicle.

Car covers have been on the market for a long time and the perception is that only guys with flashy sports cars buy car covers. For example, you'd expect someone who drives a Corvette C6 to use a car cover.  This is far removed from the truth, because when you understand the practical benefits of using a car cover. There is a high probability that you will run out and get it for your car. Another perception is that cars parked indoors do not need to be covered. Actually it does, to prevent dust accumulation that can scratch your paint job. In this discussion you will see how easy it is to slip it on.

All you have to do, after taking it out of the bag is to look for a tag labeled “front” on the inside of the car cover. Pull the cover over the front bumper and then lift the cover all the way down to the back bumper where you will secure it. That is all it takes to put on a car cover. Do not forget to retract the antennae before using the cover.

Some antennas do not retract, so in this situation gently pull the cover over the entire vehicle and mark the spot the cover meets the antenna. Using a sharp blade cut a small hole in the cover and insert the two snap-on rings (that is part of the package) to the front and back of the hole.

Car covers are available in many colors and styles and are designed to withstand heat, rain and dust while allowing any heat build-up inside the cover to escape. Choose a cover also depending on if you park indoors or on the streets.  A great place to buy car covers is by using Google Product Search.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Corvettes Rule The Road From Start to Finish

When the first Corvettes rolled off the assembly line, they were all polo white with red interiors. They were also the sleekest and fastest cars on the road. They were certainly the envy of every driver that they whizzed past. Now they come in a rainbow of colors, and, instead of one racy model, there are half a dozen. Instead of one type of convertible, there are several options.

The 2013 convertible Z06 corvettes include a 60-year anniversary addition. To reduce weight and make the corvette as gas efficient as it is fast, Chevrolet turned to race car technology. Riding on its aluminum frame, the new corvette benefits from its carbon–fiber components including its hooded dome. The engine is a 7-liter powerhouse, aluminum-block V8. The lightweight titanium intake valves and connecting rods are designed to work with an oil system that maintains and distributes pressured oil. This corvette offers race car speeds as high as 198 mph at 6300 rpm and 505 horsepower. 

The coupe offers a standard 6.2-liter V8 that can hit 190 mph with 430 horsepower and 424 torque. Both it and the Grand Sport Coupe offer a removable roof panel. Drivers get the feeling they are behind the wheel of the latest winning Corvette racecar. The six-speed paddle shifters make this automatic transmission as speed-responsive as a manual. The Grand Sport convertible takes the roof all the way down and still delivers on sporty styling. To complement its wider stance, Chevy engineers fine-tuned its power/weight ratio, heightened the suspension and added larger-than-base brakes. 

Whereas the original corvette owners had to worry about rust, new corvette owners get the same amazing durability with composite body panels that never rust. Corvettes today would make 1953 owners drool. They can go 0 to 60 in four seconds if they want to. Manual models with full start capacity make them as lithe as race cars.

The corvette has come a long way, but it still clings to the best of its past. Smartly-styled, fast-moving and fun to drive remain the hallmarks of a corvette. The fact that it is a classic before it is even driven off the lot is just the ice cream on the corvette owner's cake. The 26 mpg fuel economy is, well, the cherry on top.

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Monday, May 21, 2012

Why Do Democratic Governments Create Enormous Debt?

There is a trend that is becoming increasingly obvious to even the most indifferent citizen of a democratic nation: Democratic governments all around the world are increasing their national budgets by incurring enormous debts.

Deficit budgets are being supplemented by measures like quantitative easing, which is just another variation of the bailout strategy. This has led to huge national debts in all the developed countries of the world.

This relentless debt accumulation by governments has compromised the future for those currently living in these countries. The proof of the futility of this policy of reckless borrowing has become clearly evident in the economic debacle facing Italy, Spain, Portugal, and Greece. In these countries unemployment has risen and growth has fallen. Although Greece and Rome initiated the rise of Western civilization, they now appear to be the first casualties of its creeping economic chaos.

What is the future for countries that continue to borrow money that they have no way of paying back because of persistent unemployment leading to insufficient national growth rates? This is a question that fills the national news of democratic countries increasingly frequently.

In the meanwhile, policies promoting deficit monetization and quantitative easing continue to be implemented. What this basically means is that money is printed without any goods or services backing it. As any first year college economics student will tell you, this means that all goods and services available in a country will continue to become more expensive. In other words, this is a policy that stimulates inflation.

In the final analysis, inflation means that a democratic government is borrowing money from its citizens for increased taxation to keep the country afloat. Unfortunately as it does this, the citizens become poorer and the national debts even more alarming as less goods and services are produced and consumed both nationally and internationally.

Quantitative easing, however, can only be pursued by countries like the United States that is in charge of the money printing presses. In countries like Greece, for example, quantitative easing is not a choice because that country relies on the Euro, which means that it has to resort to austerity measures that are forcing citizens to be homeless. Austerity measures are the only choice because the Greek government has no control over the money printing presses.

Since the world has become a global village, with democratic nations highly interdependent in many ways, the collapse of a few European countries will create a domino effect, and this will ultimately create a tidal wave that will affect all nations.

Apparently, the welfare of the citizens of any nation is secondary to the success of political parties. In the US, for example, lawmakers appear to be waiting for the aftermath of Election Day to figure out how to introduce a $7 trillion cash hike in addition to numerous spending cuts. The austerity measures that are now taking place in some European countries may be closer than most people think even in countries where the self-sabotaging policy of quantitative easing is still possible.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

What Are Tamper Proof Standoffs

Mounting signs, artwork, and special projects deserve clean lines without any obstruction to the displays. However, wherever security is an issue, tamper proof standoffs and locking standoffs are the perfect solutions.

Standoffs are the mounting hardware that secures metal signs, glass encased artwork and rare collectables to a wall. Instead of being flush to the wall, the tamper proof standoffs act as spacers so the items seem to be floating on the wall. This is not only decorative, but items are secured firmly and not subject to bouncing around when the wall they are attached to may tremble with an impact or by the ground shaking in area’s of subways and railroads, airports, construction areas, pedestrian and road traffic or in locations where earth tremors or strong winds are frequent.

Though there are many other looks available, there’s just something about the clean, uncluttered look of shiny stainless steel hardware when teamed with glass encased frames floating on a wall.. Displays of valuables are able to be displayed to their full advantage so that nothing detracts a viewer from seeing the full display. In addition, once mounted with standoffs, they will remain in one position and not tilt, slip or fall, thus ensuring little maintenance to sustain a lengthy display.

Displays of signs using the locking standoffs are safer from vandals or theft than with traditional wall hardware. Business owners will be secure in the knowledge that their customers will be able to see their logo signs, ad displays and safety signs clearly. Use of standoffs also do not harm wall coverings because they are away from the wall. Therefore, they can be mounted to glass, fabric covered walls, metal filigree designs, collection class graffiti and wall murals with just a minimum of harm to the surface. 

The tamper proof standoffs not only distance the displayed item from the wall, but also keeps the glass enclosure from crushing or obscuring the displayed item in any way. In addition, light can reach behind the display as well as from all other angles. Consequently, the displays are more enhanced and sure to be seen more properly.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Are Electronic Cigarettes An Effective Way to Quit Smoking?

The verdict is still out.  There is no evidence citing that electronic cigarettes are an effective way to quit smoking.  Quitting tobacco cigarettes is never an easy process. This is true even when you have a phenomenal electronic cigarette on hand. Many e-cig smokers comment about how with a good ecig design, you can be sure to enjoy lower stress, fewer cravings and less anxiety about the transition overall. The key to success in your tobacco cessation efforts lies in three important aspects of the electronic cigarette that you use.

Getting A Satisfying Lung Hit

The first and most important feature that your e-cig design must provide is the ability to get a good draw. Tobacco users are accustomed to getting a good lung hit and low quality ecigarettes are rarely able to supply this. In order to avoid many of the psychological and physiological developments that can arise during the nicotine cessation process, it is essential to choose a quality design that delivers substantial vapor to the lungs and which hits and feels just like a real cigarette. Well-crafted units will produce these effects without emitting the loud crackling sounds that below-average ecig designs are often characterized by.

The Vapor Plume

While smoking is often considered to be primarily a hand-to-mouth addiction, there is a strong visual aspect of this habit as well. Smokers do not feel as though they are truly smoking unless the tips of their cigarettes appear to be glowing hot and a large plume of smoke is emitted with each exhale. Thus, it is essential to have a strong and satisfying LED light at the tip and to get a substantial vapor plume from your unit. Low quality e-cig units are rarely able to supply a visually satisfying emission of vapor, making them a less than effective tool for quitting.

Optimal Flavor And Options In Nicotine Strength

If you will be including smaller doses of nicotine in your cessation program rather than stopping your nicotine use cold, you will want to have a range of strength options in your cartridges/atomizers. If there are not several nicotine strengths in your electronic cigarette start-up kit, it is important to make sure that you are able to purchase affordable refills for your unit. More often than not, you can secure significant quantity discounts that will allow you to purchase more cartridges/atomizers for less.

The taste and quality of the tobacco flavored cartridge/atomizers should be comparable to real tobacco flavors and overtones . The flavor supplied by the cartridge/atomizers can go a long way towards tricking the body and the mind into believing that it is experiencing a real smoke. Most users report strong overtones of vanilla, which is a common additive in ecigarette cartridge/atomizers and tends to create a taste that is quite a bit like pipe tobacco. You should also have the ability to try a number of non-tobacco flavors as well as light and ultra-light nicotine strengths as you slowly ween your body from this chemical.

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Monday, May 14, 2012

Lose Weight With A Strategic Low Calorie Meal Plan

When you are trying to lose weight, you need to follow a low calorie meal plan to succeed. Even if you are exercising, if you do not reduce your daily caloric intake, weight loss can be a lengthy process. To ensure that you are able to lose weight quickly and stay healthy, it is important that you eat freshly prepared food and stay away from processed high fat and high calorie foods.

If you have tried weight loss plans before and felt hungry all of the time, chances are your meal plan was not well designed. When designed correctly, people can eat freshly prepared low calorie food and still feel full; it is just a matter of picking the right foods.

One of the best ways to ensure that you are eating enough to feel satisfied is to focus on fruits, vegetables and proteins. Since most fruits and vegetables are high in fiber, they help you feel full without filling you with artificial sugars and fat. Additionally, you can eat far more of them than you can regular processed food. For example, one small fast food cheeseburger has the same number of calories as four regular sized bananas.

You can eat plenty of food, you just have to chose the right food. Another important part of staying full and not feeling tired all the time is making sure you get enough protein. Foods that have lots of protein can help reduce snack and sugar cravings, while providing you with the energy you need to get through the day. Nuts, low fat dairy and lean meats are all great sources of protein.

However, even if you are eating the right things, it is easy to get off track or cheat without realizing it. This is why it is important to create a diet plan that determines what you will eat every day. It is natural for most people to forget or fudge the amount of food that they have eaten. To be sure that you are able to lose weight quickly, follow a low calorie meal plan.