Wednesday, December 5, 2012

How Cloth Diapers Heal the World

The average baby will use over 4,000 diapers in his or her lifetime. Because diapers make up such a huge portion of a child’s life, parents should make a careful assessment of the differences between cloth and disposable diapers. In general, cloth diapers are easier on the environment than disposable diapers are.  There is a wonderful list of articles at Diaper Junction which can really help you out if you are considering cloth diapers.  Click Here to read the articles.

First, using cloth diapers decreases the overall amount of waste at landfills. With Americans using over 21 billion diapers each year, this is an incredible amount of waste. The waste at landfills can take weeks to years to break down. Of special note is that plastics, which form a great deal of each disposable diaper, can take over five hundred years before they even begin to decompose.

Second, it takes a great deal of energy to manufacture disposable diapers. In fact, it is estimated that over 6,000 megajoules of energy are required to manufacture a year’s worth of diapers for a single child. While it can be argued that it takes a great deal of energy to manufacture cotton diapers and to wash and dry them, studies have shown that this is not actually the case. With today’s energy efficient washing machines and driers, caring for cloth diapers does not have to use much energy. In addition, while it does require energy to wash and prepare the cotton that forms cloth diapers, these diapers can be used time and again and can even be passed on to future children.

Third, using cloth diapers decreases the amount of gas or diesel that is used to ship disposable diapers to stores. These fuels create an increase in carbon dioxide and other gases. These gases can deplete the ozone layer, thereby leading to increased global warming.

Fourth, the waste from landfills can seep into the ground water, thereby affecting the water in lakes and rivers. The urine and feces found in disposable diapers is full of toxins. On the other hand, when cloth diapers are used, the solid wastes go into the toilet while the rest pass through the washing machine. These contaminants then pass into sewer systems where the water is thoroughly treated and cleansed.

It is obvious that cloth diapers are much better for the environment than disposable diapers are. They reduce waste at landfills, save energy and resources and do not contaminate ground water. They are indeed a healing agent for the world.

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