Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Nature's Pet Chew Toy

Antler Dog Chews
You and your pets get tired of playing with the same old chew toy time and time again. The plastic and rubber chews do not last very long and the excitement for your pet wears off very quickly. Finding the perfect chew toy for your pet means finding something that will hold their interest for a long time and engage their natural curiosity and instincts. Bones are short lived toys and the synthetic substitutes for these kind of toys typically have all kind of unnatural additives. Antler dog chews are the perfect solution for all of these issues. An Antler Dog chew is the perfect long-lasting toy for you dog or puppy. Millions of deer, elk, and moose shed their antlers naturally in the United States every year. Thought technically a bone, antlers lack the soft center present in most bones. Antlers are solid all the way through and will not break or splinter, making it the longest lasting dog chew on the market today.

Because it is bone your pet gets the benefits of calcium and minerals that will enhance their health overall. Containing iron, sodium, and magnesium and almost fifty percent water, your dog's physiology will get a definite boost. The Antler chews are not processed or enhanced in any way. They come from nature directly to you and your pet. Unlike bones and other dog chews that begin to develop an odor over time, antlers are virtually odorless. Though us humans smell nothing, the finely honed nose of a dog picks up on the appealing scent right away, making it a chew toy they are sure to love! Antler chews can come from either deer, elk, or the moose. Each species has a particular chemical make-up and one is likely to be a favorite to your pet over all the others. Owners and veterinarians have also cited the fact that antler chew toys nearly eliminate the need to brush your pet's teeth. The natural chewing action and friction do a wonderful job of removing harmful bacteria that can lead to oral problems in your pet. Antler chews come in a variety of sizes to make it perfect for the for your companion no matter what their stature. Sixteen different sizes allow you to find the one that is perfect for any dog, whether they be a miniature or a dog of over one hundred pounds.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

An Overactive Bladder

An overactive bladder can be both a problem and an embarrassment. The simple definition of an overactive bladder is that a person has lost some control over their bladder. It generally results in frequent urination, the sense or urge to urinate, and some urine leakage.

People with this condition frequently get up during the middle of the night to urinate or because they sense the need to urinate. There are many times where the individual doesn't even urinate, but just feel the sensation of it.

The condition is very common in the United States and is identified as a chronic condition along with diabetes and peptic ulcers. An overactive bladder, if not treated, can cause a significant decline in self-esteem, withdrawal in social activity, embarrassment, and even isolation.

The reasons mentioned is why treating this condition is a must and should begin with diet and exercise. A cause of this condition may be due to poor nutrition and obesity, which can be helped, along with other medical problems, through diet and exercise.

A more effective treatment can be to use your mind to control your bladder. Gradually increase the time of urination, train your mind to notice if the need to urinate is just a sensation, and write down the times you urinate every day and increase that time daily.

If behavioral techniques do not work, then it may be time to try some prescription drugs. Prescription drugs may be the most effective in treating your condition, but it can potentially produce unwanted side effects. Side effects of prescription drugs is common, so make sure to speak with your doctor about what drugs are best to use.

A safer but less effective alternative is using natural herbal remedies for overactive bladder. These remedies have antioxidants and nutrients that may help soothe your condition. Taking in good nutrition along with natural remedies might be the safest way to treat your condition. There's more than one method to cure an overactive bladder, so try to see what works best for you.

The best thing to do is start out with the safer methods such as behavioral training, diet and nutrition, and natural herbal remedies. If all those fail, then talk to your doctor about getting prescription drugs to cure your problem. An overactive bladder doesn't mean your life can't function; it means there are things you have to do to overcome it and you can.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

What can you do for those serving overseas?

If you have a loved one who is dedicated to serving the United States of America and is far from home, you're certain to want to do something to show you care. You can't be with them, you can't take away the dangers or hardships, but you can send them a variety of supplies that will help them through. Even if you don't have someone in the service but want to show your appreciation for the fine men and women who answer their country's call, you can send a care package and make a difference.

When considering what to send, there are many simple items that go a long way to make life easier for the service member that is overseas. One item that is in hot demand is baby wipes. For those who are in Afghanistan, the amount of water is limited and showers may be spread apart as far as one every two weeks. With a large amount of people in close quarters, that kind of bathing schedule is not welcome for anyone. With wipes, they can at least remove the worst of the grime and imprve their conditions considerably.

Another favorite of anyone in the service is pre-paid phone cards. Having the means to contact home is so essential. Our brothers and sisters in arms need a link with those at home to know people still care and home is waiting when the time of service is over. With pre-paid phone cards, those calls home can happen more often.

Send foods that will give a boost in energy and lift spirits. Nuts, energy bars, and chocolate will get the job done and help service members through a rough patch. Beef jerky in all its forms is a great protein booster. Hard candy and gum will help when men and women are dying of thirst. There are many times when they are exhausted, stretched to the limit or really down-hearted. Sending a thoughtful gift that includes something good to eat can do wonders. Walgreen's is a great place to buy items like these online.

Don't forget something for entertainment. Magazines and newspapers, even if they are old, bring a bit of home to a place far away when home seems like a dream. Bring those in the service a step closer to American soil with your thoughtful items.

Another great website to purchase some tactical gear gifts is Harry's Army Surplus.  They carry a wide variety of safety items, outerwear and military clothing.

If you have someone in the service, you'll know where to send packages. If you are doing this as a volunteer with no particular attachment, there are a variety of sites on the internet that will tell you where to send items. They can also give you tips on anything else that is useful for men and women overseas. Take a little time, money, and thought to make someone's time in the service more tolerable today.

Friday, August 10, 2012

The Benefits of Cloth Diapering

Look How Cute Cloth Diapers Are
Courtesy of  Diaper Junction

One thing that's for certain is that babies will poop and pee. It's a natural occurance that takes place sometimes more often than mothers like to deal with. Sometimes it feels like babies were put on this Earth to poop and pee and we, mothers, were put here to change diapers. Half of our job as mothers is to change diapers and make sure our babies are clean and comfortable and healthy.

There has been a debate going on for years about disposable diapers versus cloth diapers. It's been debated and debated and still it seems like so many people are not as knowledgeable on the subject as they should be. Many people have misconceptions about cloth diapers and are still unaware of what the benefits of the cloth diapers actually are. Many people believe that cloth diapering is an "alternative method" that very few people actually practice, however, this is completely untrue! So many parents are choosing the cloth diapering method and especially now, in this economy, and at this time in the world when environmentally friendly options are becoming more and more popular.Cloth diapering brings with it many benefits, some of which are often surprising to many and bring up some important questions for mothers to ask themselves.

When asking mothers of cloth diapered babies what the main benefit is to cloth diapering, many of them have some of the same answers: "it's more comfortable for my baby," "it's inexpensive," "it's environmentally friendly!" These are just a few of the reasons, and aren't these reasons pretty good?

Many parents like the thought of putting their babies into a more comfortable diaper since a baby spends pretty much all of it's time diapered. Cloth diapers provide an extremely comfortable and soft alternative to stiff disposable diapers. They allow the baby the move around more freely and feel less constricted while they move and play.

Another common reason that parents use cloth diapers is to save money. In the long run, cloth diapering your baby can save you up to a couple thousand dollars. Cloth diapers can be used multiple times and washed over and over again. Disposable diapers are good for a one-time use and if the baby chooses to pee every 10 minutes then you might be making a diaper run sooner than you think.

The amount of non-biodegradable waste that is produced from one child's disposable diapers is sometimes enough to turn parents off of them. Many people are choosing to go green and cloth diapering is just one of the many ways of eliminating some of that hazardous waste from our environment.