Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Clothes That Make Men Look Tough

I am a sucker for guys in uniform. I admit it! Anytime I see a police officer or military guy in fatigues, my knees go weak. There are many other types of uniforms though that aren't exactly "issued" but look just as good and make women swoon. These are just a few of the "outfits" that guys wear which make the ladies do a double take every time.

1) Farmers
Oh my. My husband is a country boy who grew up milking cows, riding horses and driving tractors. He wears tight fitting Levi's, cowboy boots and a Carhartt jacket - the perfect uniform for the lady who loves a tough guy who really IS tough!

2) Mechanics
From the grease on coveralls to the hands that could crush a beer can, there is just something so sexy about a guy who can make a motor run! Maybe it's the fact that it takes brains and braun to get a car going, these guys have both and look good doing it.

3) Truck Drivers
Ok, so most truck drivers that you see are not the gorgeous hunks that I am referring to. But every now and then, I see those flannel laden - trucker hat sporting babes that know how to handle a big rig - and it's a sight for sore eyes!

Have I left anyone out? Tell us what YOU think about men in uniform!

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