Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Restaurant Industry in Hawaii

I chose this topic because I thought it would be fun to research.  Being an island chain that survives primarily on tourism, I figured the restaurant industry in Hawaii would be a cool topic to research.

Since eating and leisurely activities are such an integral aspect to the lives of so many citizens, it is not shocking that many Americans choose to dine out frequently. The popularity of eating out becomes plain when one considers that the restaurant industry is a diverse and booming business. In Hawaii, the restaurant industry is an important and ultimately inalienable aspect of the state. Not to mention that Hawaiian Cuisine is unique and exciting.

As many residents of Hawaii know, the restaurant industry is a central component of the state's economy. In addition to generating sizable revenues from taxes, Hawaii's restaurant industry employs thousands of Hawaiians and helps them build careers in the field. In recognition of the great precedence that wellness has taken in the lives of many people, the Hawaiian restaurant industry offers its patrons healthy food options. Additionally, Hawaiian restaurants make positive contributions to their communities while also striving to prevent their work from negatively impacting the environment.

To gain a better understanding of the Hawaiian restaurant industry's intricacies, one should consider recent statistics about it. For example, records indicate that there were 3,168 drinking and eating establishments in Hawaii in 2011. These eating and drinking establishments employ 57,300 people, thus representing the vast majority of Hawaii's food-service and restaurant workforce, which employs 85,100 people total. These 85,100 jobs constitute 14% of Hawaii's employment, proving that the restaurant and food service industry is a viable source of gaining income and livelihood for many citizens.

While current statistics regarding Hawaii's restaurant industry prove its value, future projections also demonstrate its worth. Future projections indicate that by the year 2013, restaurants in Hawaii will generate $3.7 billion in sales. And, in 2023, Hawaiian restaurants are expected to employ 89,400 people, a figure which represents 5.1% in job growth.

As made plain by current statistics and future projections about the Hawaiian restaurant industry, it is an increasingly important aspect of the state's economy. By employing people and generating substantive revenue for the state, the restaurant industry is sure to remain an inalienable aspect of Hawaiian life and culture.

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