Friday, May 3, 2013

Choosing New Carpet

Purchasing carpet for your home requires careful consideration in order to ensure that you make the best investment possible. Several factors such as price, type of carpet, color, your home's style and decor should all play a part in the selection process. 

There are many types of carpet to choose from. Different styles, textures and colors all fall within a wide price range. Of course, carpets with better quality will cost more than lesser quality carpets. When choosing carpet, evaluate the room(s) the carpet will be laid in. Frequently used rooms, such as family rooms, often have more foot traffic and usage and are more prone to stains and wear than lesser used rooms, such as guest rooms. Therefore, if the carpet is for a much used room, it makes sense to purchase a higher quality carpet because it will hold up better. 

Cut-pile, loop, saxony, plush, textured and frieze are some of the most common types of carpet to choose from. Cut-pile is most often used in homes because of its durability. Cut-pile means that the carpet fibers are cut to an even height. Frieze carpet falls into the cut-pile category, but during the manufacturing process the fibers are twisted giving the carpet a shaggy look. Berber, on the other hand, is an example of a loop carpet and the fibers are not cut. 

Olefin, nylon and wool are materials carpets are typically made of, with wool being the most expensive of the three. Stain repellent is often added to carpet during manufacturing to increase its durability.

Color selection should be the last step in the decision making process. Since carpets come in almost every color you can imagine, it should be easy to find one to match the room it will be used in. 

When shopping for carpet it makes sense to get pricing from two or three different retailers. Things like removing old carpet, installation, sales tax and carpet padding are not included in the base price of the carpet. When comparing costs between retailers be sure to compare total costs to determine the best deal.

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