Wednesday, August 15, 2012

What can you do for those serving overseas?

If you have a loved one who is dedicated to serving the United States of America and is far from home, you're certain to want to do something to show you care. You can't be with them, you can't take away the dangers or hardships, but you can send them a variety of supplies that will help them through. Even if you don't have someone in the service but want to show your appreciation for the fine men and women who answer their country's call, you can send a care package and make a difference.

When considering what to send, there are many simple items that go a long way to make life easier for the service member that is overseas. One item that is in hot demand is baby wipes. For those who are in Afghanistan, the amount of water is limited and showers may be spread apart as far as one every two weeks. With a large amount of people in close quarters, that kind of bathing schedule is not welcome for anyone. With wipes, they can at least remove the worst of the grime and imprve their conditions considerably.

Another favorite of anyone in the service is pre-paid phone cards. Having the means to contact home is so essential. Our brothers and sisters in arms need a link with those at home to know people still care and home is waiting when the time of service is over. With pre-paid phone cards, those calls home can happen more often.

Send foods that will give a boost in energy and lift spirits. Nuts, energy bars, and chocolate will get the job done and help service members through a rough patch. Beef jerky in all its forms is a great protein booster. Hard candy and gum will help when men and women are dying of thirst. There are many times when they are exhausted, stretched to the limit or really down-hearted. Sending a thoughtful gift that includes something good to eat can do wonders. Walgreen's is a great place to buy items like these online.

Don't forget something for entertainment. Magazines and newspapers, even if they are old, bring a bit of home to a place far away when home seems like a dream. Bring those in the service a step closer to American soil with your thoughtful items.

Another great website to purchase some tactical gear gifts is Harry's Army Surplus.  They carry a wide variety of safety items, outerwear and military clothing.

If you have someone in the service, you'll know where to send packages. If you are doing this as a volunteer with no particular attachment, there are a variety of sites on the internet that will tell you where to send items. They can also give you tips on anything else that is useful for men and women overseas. Take a little time, money, and thought to make someone's time in the service more tolerable today.

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