Friday, August 10, 2012

The Benefits of Cloth Diapering

Look How Cute Cloth Diapers Are
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One thing that's for certain is that babies will poop and pee. It's a natural occurance that takes place sometimes more often than mothers like to deal with. Sometimes it feels like babies were put on this Earth to poop and pee and we, mothers, were put here to change diapers. Half of our job as mothers is to change diapers and make sure our babies are clean and comfortable and healthy.

There has been a debate going on for years about disposable diapers versus cloth diapers. It's been debated and debated and still it seems like so many people are not as knowledgeable on the subject as they should be. Many people have misconceptions about cloth diapers and are still unaware of what the benefits of the cloth diapers actually are. Many people believe that cloth diapering is an "alternative method" that very few people actually practice, however, this is completely untrue! So many parents are choosing the cloth diapering method and especially now, in this economy, and at this time in the world when environmentally friendly options are becoming more and more popular.Cloth diapering brings with it many benefits, some of which are often surprising to many and bring up some important questions for mothers to ask themselves.

When asking mothers of cloth diapered babies what the main benefit is to cloth diapering, many of them have some of the same answers: "it's more comfortable for my baby," "it's inexpensive," "it's environmentally friendly!" These are just a few of the reasons, and aren't these reasons pretty good?

Many parents like the thought of putting their babies into a more comfortable diaper since a baby spends pretty much all of it's time diapered. Cloth diapers provide an extremely comfortable and soft alternative to stiff disposable diapers. They allow the baby the move around more freely and feel less constricted while they move and play.

Another common reason that parents use cloth diapers is to save money. In the long run, cloth diapering your baby can save you up to a couple thousand dollars. Cloth diapers can be used multiple times and washed over and over again. Disposable diapers are good for a one-time use and if the baby chooses to pee every 10 minutes then you might be making a diaper run sooner than you think.

The amount of non-biodegradable waste that is produced from one child's disposable diapers is sometimes enough to turn parents off of them. Many people are choosing to go green and cloth diapering is just one of the many ways of eliminating some of that hazardous waste from our environment.

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