Sunday, August 19, 2012

An Overactive Bladder

An overactive bladder can be both a problem and an embarrassment. The simple definition of an overactive bladder is that a person has lost some control over their bladder. It generally results in frequent urination, the sense or urge to urinate, and some urine leakage.

People with this condition frequently get up during the middle of the night to urinate or because they sense the need to urinate. There are many times where the individual doesn't even urinate, but just feel the sensation of it.

The condition is very common in the United States and is identified as a chronic condition along with diabetes and peptic ulcers. An overactive bladder, if not treated, can cause a significant decline in self-esteem, withdrawal in social activity, embarrassment, and even isolation.

The reasons mentioned is why treating this condition is a must and should begin with diet and exercise. A cause of this condition may be due to poor nutrition and obesity, which can be helped, along with other medical problems, through diet and exercise.

A more effective treatment can be to use your mind to control your bladder. Gradually increase the time of urination, train your mind to notice if the need to urinate is just a sensation, and write down the times you urinate every day and increase that time daily.

If behavioral techniques do not work, then it may be time to try some prescription drugs. Prescription drugs may be the most effective in treating your condition, but it can potentially produce unwanted side effects. Side effects of prescription drugs is common, so make sure to speak with your doctor about what drugs are best to use.

A safer but less effective alternative is using natural herbal remedies for overactive bladder. These remedies have antioxidants and nutrients that may help soothe your condition. Taking in good nutrition along with natural remedies might be the safest way to treat your condition. There's more than one method to cure an overactive bladder, so try to see what works best for you.

The best thing to do is start out with the safer methods such as behavioral training, diet and nutrition, and natural herbal remedies. If all those fail, then talk to your doctor about getting prescription drugs to cure your problem. An overactive bladder doesn't mean your life can't function; it means there are things you have to do to overcome it and you can.

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