Saturday, May 19, 2012

What Are Tamper Proof Standoffs

Mounting signs, artwork, and special projects deserve clean lines without any obstruction to the displays. However, wherever security is an issue, tamper proof standoffs and locking standoffs are the perfect solutions.

Standoffs are the mounting hardware that secures metal signs, glass encased artwork and rare collectables to a wall. Instead of being flush to the wall, the tamper proof standoffs act as spacers so the items seem to be floating on the wall. This is not only decorative, but items are secured firmly and not subject to bouncing around when the wall they are attached to may tremble with an impact or by the ground shaking in area’s of subways and railroads, airports, construction areas, pedestrian and road traffic or in locations where earth tremors or strong winds are frequent.

Though there are many other looks available, there’s just something about the clean, uncluttered look of shiny stainless steel hardware when teamed with glass encased frames floating on a wall.. Displays of valuables are able to be displayed to their full advantage so that nothing detracts a viewer from seeing the full display. In addition, once mounted with standoffs, they will remain in one position and not tilt, slip or fall, thus ensuring little maintenance to sustain a lengthy display.

Displays of signs using the locking standoffs are safer from vandals or theft than with traditional wall hardware. Business owners will be secure in the knowledge that their customers will be able to see their logo signs, ad displays and safety signs clearly. Use of standoffs also do not harm wall coverings because they are away from the wall. Therefore, they can be mounted to glass, fabric covered walls, metal filigree designs, collection class graffiti and wall murals with just a minimum of harm to the surface. 

The tamper proof standoffs not only distance the displayed item from the wall, but also keeps the glass enclosure from crushing or obscuring the displayed item in any way. In addition, light can reach behind the display as well as from all other angles. Consequently, the displays are more enhanced and sure to be seen more properly.

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