Thursday, May 17, 2012

Are Electronic Cigarettes An Effective Way to Quit Smoking?

The verdict is still out.  There is no evidence citing that electronic cigarettes are an effective way to quit smoking.  Quitting tobacco cigarettes is never an easy process. This is true even when you have a phenomenal electronic cigarette on hand. Many e-cig smokers comment about how with a good ecig design, you can be sure to enjoy lower stress, fewer cravings and less anxiety about the transition overall. The key to success in your tobacco cessation efforts lies in three important aspects of the electronic cigarette that you use.

Getting A Satisfying Lung Hit

The first and most important feature that your e-cig design must provide is the ability to get a good draw. Tobacco users are accustomed to getting a good lung hit and low quality ecigarettes are rarely able to supply this. In order to avoid many of the psychological and physiological developments that can arise during the nicotine cessation process, it is essential to choose a quality design that delivers substantial vapor to the lungs and which hits and feels just like a real cigarette. Well-crafted units will produce these effects without emitting the loud crackling sounds that below-average ecig designs are often characterized by.

The Vapor Plume

While smoking is often considered to be primarily a hand-to-mouth addiction, there is a strong visual aspect of this habit as well. Smokers do not feel as though they are truly smoking unless the tips of their cigarettes appear to be glowing hot and a large plume of smoke is emitted with each exhale. Thus, it is essential to have a strong and satisfying LED light at the tip and to get a substantial vapor plume from your unit. Low quality e-cig units are rarely able to supply a visually satisfying emission of vapor, making them a less than effective tool for quitting.

Optimal Flavor And Options In Nicotine Strength

If you will be including smaller doses of nicotine in your cessation program rather than stopping your nicotine use cold, you will want to have a range of strength options in your cartridges/atomizers. If there are not several nicotine strengths in your electronic cigarette start-up kit, it is important to make sure that you are able to purchase affordable refills for your unit. More often than not, you can secure significant quantity discounts that will allow you to purchase more cartridges/atomizers for less.

The taste and quality of the tobacco flavored cartridge/atomizers should be comparable to real tobacco flavors and overtones . The flavor supplied by the cartridge/atomizers can go a long way towards tricking the body and the mind into believing that it is experiencing a real smoke. Most users report strong overtones of vanilla, which is a common additive in ecigarette cartridge/atomizers and tends to create a taste that is quite a bit like pipe tobacco. You should also have the ability to try a number of non-tobacco flavors as well as light and ultra-light nicotine strengths as you slowly ween your body from this chemical.

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