Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Trends in Truck Accessories

If you love your truck, adding after market accessories can become addictive. There are definitely no shortage of accessories to make your truck look (and actually be) tougher. It’s important to balance the aesthetic accessories with the functional ones. Here are 3 of the top accessories to help turn heads with your truck:
  1. Fender Flares While fender flares are generally more about making your truck look better, they also provide some protection against mud, rocks and water that might come up and scrape your truck’s paint. Fender flares are also a great way to cover up rust that often develops near wheel wells, (although you might want to get that rust patched before it spreads and you trucks starts falling apart.) Another good use for fender flares is to cover your tires if you have after market tires that are wider than your truck’s width.

  2. Tonneau Covers There are a number of reasons why you would want a cover for your truck bed. First is probably security. Having the ability to lock a cover over your bed lets you store anything in the back without worrying about theft (or at least takes some worry away). Also, a cover obviously protects anything in your bed from rain and snow. There are many kinds of covers, from rolling covers, flat hard covers, and hard top covers that extend up over your cab for extra protected storage.

  3. Bed Liner If you use your truck to transport heavy objects you undoubtedly want to protect your steel bed from scratches, dents, paint chips and other damage. Any scratches in the paint can and will lead to rust. Think of a bed liner as an investment. While the best ones aren’t cheap, they will save you from rust repairs and help keep your truck’s resale value. 

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